Our Friendly Staff

Jordan Creek Family Health Care is owned by April L. Sapp, DNP, NP-C, a certified family nurse practitioner. Dr. Sapp has over 25 years of experience in the nursing profession, ten of those years in Emergency and Flight Nursing, and clinical experience as a certified nurse practitioner since 2005. Dr. Sapp graduated from the University of New Hampshire in Durham with a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Dr. Sapp furthered her education graduating Phi Kappa Phi from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Sapp continued her education through pursuing her doctorate degree from Touro University in Henderson, Nevada. She graduated in November 2010 with her Doctor of Nursing Practice.

About Nurse Practitioners (NP's)

Nurse Practitioners are licensed independent practitioners who provide primary and/or specialty nursing and medical care in ambulatory, acute, and long term care settings. They are registered nurses with specialized advanced education and clinical competency to provide health and medical care for diverse populations in a variety of primary care, acute, and long term care settings. Masterís, post masters, or doctoral preparation is required for entry level practice (AANP, 2006) which includes didactic and clinical courses designed to prepare graduates with specialized knowledge and clinical primary care competencies.

The NP scope of practice includes blending nursing and medical services for individuals, families, and groups. NPs diagnose and manage acute and chronic conditions and emphasize health promotion and disease prevention. Their services include, but are not limited to ordering, conducting, and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests; prescribing pharmacologic agents and non-pharmacologic therapies; and teaching and counseling. They practice autonomously and in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to manage patients' health needs.

The NP practice model emphasizes both patient and family education. The NP provides health education and utilizes community resource opportunities for the individual and/or family. Additionally, the NP facilitates patient participation in self-care. This s done by the NP providing information needed to make decisions and choices about promoting, maintaining, and restoring health. The NP will also consult with other appropriate health care personnel and utilize health care resources as patient care dictates. NP's promote optimal health and provide continually competent care in a safe environment.

NPís also are filling a gap in family health care. As our nation faces future challenges of an aging population, rising health care costs, and the growing burden of chronic disease, NPís bring strength to the health care work force.

April L. Sapp, DNP, NP-C

April began her career as a family nurse practitioner at Jordan Creek Family Health Care, a nurse practitioner owned business. This family practice experience allowed Dr. Sapp to develop skills in many areas. Dr. Sapp has a full range of medical experience treating patients of all ages. She is caring and compassionate. She obtains great enjoyment form her work and this is evident in the care she provides. She is a current member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the American College of Nurse Practitioners, and the Alaska Association of Nurse Practitioners. Additionally, Dr. Sapp is an active member of the Alaska Army National Guard. With this commitment, she travels monthly to her unit in Anchorage to perform physical exams to keep the soldiers of the Alaska Army National Guard physically fit and ready for deployment. She enjoys an active lifestyle and spending as much time as possible outdoors with her husband, daughter, and two sons. Additionally, Dr. Sapp enjoys aviation and has obtained her private pilotís license.

Kimberly P. Dostal, RN, MSN, C-PNP

Kim was born and raised in Vermont. She graduated from Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, VT, in 1984 and then attended Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, where she received a Bachelors degree in Nursing in 1988. She worked as a registered nurse on the pediatric unit of the University of Vermont Medical Center from 1988-1990. She attended the advanced practice program at Emory University where she double-majored in pediatric oncology and child health earning her Masters Degree in Nursing in 1992. She worked as a pediatric nurse practitioner with Primary Childrenís Oncology Department and in general pediatrics in Salt Lake City Utah from 1992-1994. She and her husband then moved to Juneau, AK, where she worked as a nurse practitioner in her husbandís surgical office and developed her own practice in pediatric oncology from 1994-2014. She and her husband have three sons and have lived in Juneau since 1994.

Keith Thompson, Massage Therapist

Keith has been a practicing massage therapist for seventeen years and has been practicing in Juneau for more than ten years. His modalities include Myofascial release, Neuromuscular therapy and Swedish massage. Keith uses these three types of manual therapy to affect chronic pain caused by surgery, repetitive use injury and work and lifestyle habits. Keithís goal with every session is to relieve pain and educate his clients on ways they can change their patterns of movement to be more pain free in their daily lives.